Deion Sanders should be the Next Head Coach at FSU

With the Willie Taggart experiment over and ending in less then 2 years FSU needs to find a new coach and need to hit a home run unless they want to turn into the next Nebraska.

The name that keeps getting thrown out is Lane Kiffin, and if they hire Lane I will love it, from a twitter perspective. He will however fail at making FSU good at football again. Deion Sanders however, would succeed and wouldn’t just leave like Jimbo did and Lane would do.

Modern college football coaches don’t need to be X’s and O’s guy anymore. They need to be great recruiters and need to be great with alumni. The perfect example of this is Coach O at LSU. He has hired coordinators to run the plans, but he is the CEO. He gives great pump up speech’s, can recruit with anyone, and the alumni adore him.

Now use that logic with Deion Sanders. Deion one of the best talkers in the history of football, you don’t think he can motivate them? When Deion is in the living room, you don’t think he can talk to the kids and their family about what it takes at the college and NFL level. Then Deion is arguably FSU most famous alum, you don’t think he can talk to the FSU donors about the program?

Prime time as FSU makes so much sense, all you need to do is hire the right coordinators and all of sudden FSU is back.

P.S. Its crazy to think that FSU won a natty title in this decade, and how far they have fallen

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