Breaking News: Joe Girardi will be the next Phillies Manager

That is right Water Cooler Talk got themselves a baseball insider. As a member of the IBWAA, which is a totally real and not made up baseball writers union, I have sources. Are these sources reliable? Somewhat. Will the national media give me credit? Hell no they too scared!

Here are the facts John Middleton is completely in charge, the GM and president are just figure heads at this point. Middleton loves Giradi and while the Mets GM do not want someone with a spine as their next manager, the Phillies owner does.

It makes sense for Joe as well. He is experienced in both the AL and NL, has a superstar in Bryce, and owner who wants to spend and go back to the post season. Will the shitty Philadelphia Media embrace Joe is the only question left. Expect the announcement coming during the off day of the World Series

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