Kyle Lowry is a Hall of Famer and If you don’t agree You Suck Eggs

Last night after the NBA explained its really confusing rules for the all star game this year, they announced the all star reserves. Kyle Lowry was named one and it is his 6th straight all star appearance and people were BIG MAD.

Lowry was trending on twitter last night just because people wanted other players over him. The truth is Lowry isn’t the flashiest of players but he is one of the toughest, and there is a reason why coaches and players always vote for him.

Lowry’s resume as they said in the business is pretty pretty good. He is the Raptors all time leader in assists, 3s, win shares, BPM, and VORP (For all you nerds). He has also has won a gold medal, and oh yea helped bring Canada its only NBA title.

If Tracy McGragdy gets in the hall with relative ease then Kyle Lowry the greatest Raptor of all time should get in.

The haters will be big mad again but facts are facts Lowry is great. Plus the haters are sucking eggs and cant trust anyone who sucks an egg, that is nasty.

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