Conspiracy Theory: The Patriots wanted to get Caught!

It’s been a tough few weeks for Patriot fans. Back to back L’s, Gronk is staying in retirement, and maybe the last year with Brady in New England, it’s very unlike Patriots right no, so what did they do? Go back to their roots.

Now there are gonna be a million reports some say they cheated other say hogwash, it’s gonna fuel sports talk radio. Felger probably creaming his pants over this story. What I’m hear to tell all the Patriots is don’t give in it’s a trap!

The Patriots love being doubted, they always find an angle. Last year it was the still here and then they hate us cause they ain’t us, and a bunch of other nonsense.

Here is the issue, no one this year was truly hating on Patriots. You can say people were questioning Brady, but every person would never say Brady is over the hill, they would ask the question so they could skirt around it. The Pats lose two straight games, against playoff teams and then the next day the stories come out that the Pats were cheating against the bengals?!?!

No sir! I smell something fishy! And the fish smell is coming from Bill’s boat in Nantucket!

The Patriots have always been cheating! It’s nothing new, I assume most teams in the NFL are doing somewhat similar things. To be “caught” by those morons from Cincinnati they had to be so blatant to get caught that of course Bill and his gang of thugs (Ernie Adams) did this on purpose.

Now just as the playoff picture because more clear the patriots needed a rallying cry to save their sorry ass team, and why not go to the “They think we are cheaters” well. It has worked before and I am sure it will work again.

If you are a true patriot hater, ignore this story and just wait to the playoffs. If they lose, dance on that mother fucking grave!

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