After dropping the first trailer for their upcoming Sonic the hedgehog live action film back in April 2018, paramount pictures got BLASTED for how badly they fucked up the titular characters design. I mean look at this nightmare fuel:

I get they wanted to make the humanoid hedgehog more realistic, but Jesus Christ, he looks like Michael J fox in teen wolf, not our beloved Sega superstar.

the original trailer was disliked on YouTube hundreds of thousands of times, and Paramount eventually took it off the site altogether. Following the backlash Paramount vowed to fix the characters design, delaying the film 3 months, spending millions to change all the animation, while also likely losing millions in merchandise already made using the original design. That’s right, in an extremely rare move, a company actually listened to their fans.

Today they unveiled a new trailer featuring a complete redesign of Sonic, which makes him look far more like his usual self, a fantastic change that is sure to please fans. Check it out below:

Kudos to Paramount for this one, and I hope fans flock to the theaters out of respect for what they did.

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