Recently, me and the #boyz decided we needed a new game to play online, mainly because bob the builder simulators like “Fortnite” don’t really do it for us. Collectively we decided the new Call of Duty, a soft reboot of the classic Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare, would be the game to unite us on the servers. While I waited for the homies to either A) download the game or B)stop using their Xbox as a “Netflix machine,” I decided to test out the campaign, which I found to be uhhhhhhh VERY FUCKED UP.

Granted the title of this game is “modern warfare,” so I knew what I was signing up for, but it still did not prepare me for the visuals ahead. You see the campaign mainly focuses on stopping terrorists from spreading terror and murdering innocent people, quite literally taking you through hyper realistic scenarios (inspired by real life events) in which you are forced to watch these evil people commit mass murder. By the end of the 4th mission you will have seen many people be gunned down in a hyper realistic terrorist attack on Piccadilly Circus, resistance fighters hung from a crane for war crimes and a child shot in the back after watching his father die. You’ll revert to the last checkpoint to try and stop these events from occurring, but you won’t be able to, the game wants to set the tone of how fucked up these bad guys are, and they really do a good job of doing it.

Me in game trying to avenge all the people I just saw die

The thing is, this added realism has only made me more enthralled by the story, as it has a “this is Very real, this actually happens” feel to it. Yes it’s fucked up, but war is fucked up, terrorism is fucked up and if we are going to play games like this, they might as well show you how it really goes down.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be at the bar thinking about how I couldn’t save that kid in Urzikstan, SMFH.

sad man drinking beer at bar or pub, thinking about how he couldn’t save that virtual kid in a video game

PS: big ups the brave men and women that fight around the world every day trying to stop the real life versions of these events from occurring.

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