It is time for Urban Meyer in South Bend

Last week, I put my house and your house on the line for the ND Michigan game. Notre Shame however didn’t get that memo and now we are all homeless! The program has officially become a top 15 program not a elite program but just a decent program. That’s not the standard at Notre Dame. Brian Kelly is a good coach, but Notre Dame needs an elite coach and one is just sitting on the sidelines.

Urban Meyer is the 3rd best coach in all of college football. He made Alex Smith the number 1 overall pick, Tim Tebow look like a real QB, and got Cardalle Jones drafted. The man can coach. Does he have a shady past? Yea but don’t forget a kid died on Brian Kelly’s watch so he ain’t no Mother Teresa either.

The reason Notre Dame is independent because it is championship or bust and for way too long now it is bust. Urban Meyer changes that. Urban is a winner and with the resources at ND will win again.

Brian Kelly had a decent run with two undefeated seasons. This isn’t the Charlie Weis era, and this blog wouldn’t be written if Urban wasn’t there for the taking. I am just sick of losing every single big game late in the season! Brian Kelly got ND to the dance, but can’t get the Irish over that hump. Don’t let USC gain the upper hand.

Just imagine the Skylar Grey Coming Home music video to old videos of Urban at Notre Dame…it will sign a 5 star QB in two seconds!

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