UHart one game away from the Madness!

First off shoutout Vin Baker!

Second last night Uhart put their nuts on the table and upset the two seed in the second toughest conference in America (Big East is the toughest.)

Now Uhart has to ruin the dream of Vermont on Saturday. Although Uhart have had some of the best players in the country like Pancake Thomas, and Mark Nwakama, they have yet been able to make it to the big dance. That all changes Saturday!

On Saturday Uhart’s best player since Vin Baker, which is saying a lot, Malik Ellison will be coming to Vermont, and destroying Anthony Lamb!

I know Russillo, Vermont’s most famous alum is shaking in his boots, as he should be! This blog is here because I’m calling him out! Name the stakes Russillo! My squad the future champs Uhart verse your bum squad of Vermont…winner take all.

Now this bet is null and void if Vermont pulls a Yale and calls off the tourney because of the coronavirus, but in reality they just scared to lose to the hungry Hawks of Uhart!

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