While Water Cooler Talk has been respecting the coronavirus, and we will be back to regular schedule programming tomorrow, I just had to fire off this blog!

The Ivy League tournament has been officially canceled for the fear of coronavirus! These fucking bum ass nerds!

Now the Ivy League is an 8 team league and need 5 votes to past anything. The Ivy League tourney is the top 4 teams. I can guaran fucking tee, from inside sources that UPenn wanted to play that tourney. I also can’t see how Princeton and Harvard would not want to play as well. There are 3 clear votes that say play on. The bottom 4 teams decided to not play with it and they shouldn’t even get a vote, and that leaves Yale!

Yale won the regular season, and so with no Ivy Tourney they are just in, and they decided to just not play because of a bullshit Virus!

Yale new they were gonna have their hands filled with UPenn who beat them once and almost beat them a second time. Then most likely play Harvard at Harvard, so how do they get out of playing them? Cancel the event! Fucking Scumbags!

I hope all the important people at Yale all get the Coronavirus! Fuck Yale Forever!

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