How Worried should Yung God be about Joe Burrow?

As the combine is coming up the number 1 pick seems all but a lock for the Bengals and that’s Joe Burrow. Since LSU has won the title, there has been rumblings that Burrow doesn’t want to play in Cincy.

Now, people of Cincy May think it doesn’t matter what Burrow thinks, draft him, but let’s not forget what this organization is all about. Remember Carson Palmer? He legit was gonna retire over playing for the Bengals again. Finally the bengals traded Palmer and played for many more years at high level. Why can’t Burrow just sit out too?

I’m not a financial expert but it does not seem like Joe Burrows family are in the poorhouse. When he signs his contract it changes his life obviously, but it is not a radical change, like a michael Vick when he was the number 1 pick. Joe can sit out and wait if he truly wants too.

Then the question is should the Bengals give in to his demands or try to wait him out?

I put on my Madden GM hat on here, but I think I would look and explore trading Joe. I could see the Panthers, Dolphins, and Chargers trying to move up in the draft.

The Panthers are starting a new regime. If Matt Rhule believes this his guy, they should go out and do what you can to get him. The Dolphins less likely cause they have been in on Tua for over a year now, but if they are skeptical of Tua injury they certainly have the draft capital to make it happen. Then the LA Chargers, I think could really happen. They need a QB with rivers gone, and they need some type of splash in LA, because they are close to being less relevant then USC women’s basketball, adding the number one pick with the swagger of Joe Burrow with those weapons with the Chargers would be pretty exciting.

All I want is what’s best for the NFL and Joe Burrow, and that is for Cincy not to ruin Joe Burrow! He is too good! Please trade the pick cincy, and sign a free agent QB instead.

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