The Big East or The Big Ten Which Side are You On?

As WCT picks back up with the Super Bowl as an organization might I add, I am in full blown college basketball mode.

For people who wait to after the Super Bowl to follow college basketball, here is the quick guide.

Everyone sucks!

The first few months there has been about 10 teams that have been number 1 at this one point. You know it’s crazy when fucking Baylor is number 1, Gonzaga number 2, and San Diego St., and Dayton are all in top 10.

Second, the ACC this year is a big heap of trash. They have 3 decent teams, and the rest is garbage. The two conferences that are deep are the Big East and the Big Ten. The Big East every team is over .500, so basically there is no easy game in the Big East. The Big Ten no one can win on the Road because the conference is so deep. Both conferences have been very fun to watch and will only get better down the stretch

Third, and finally….this year broadcast is on Turner. That means the game will be on TBS and a home team broadcast on TNT and TruTV. The last two times Turner has broadcast Villanova have won the national title. That means it’s a wrap and hand Jay Wright his 3rd Natty Title! \\//

P.S. Yea I made a whole blog just to tell everyone Go Nova. Suck it haters, Nova and Water Cooler Talk full steam ahead!

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