Conspiracy Theory: Tottenham Edition

So last few hours I have been trying to figure out what exactly was happening at White Hart Lane. Tottenham and owner Daniel Levy decided to fire the greatest manager in my lifetime at Tottenham which almost feels like on a wim.

Poch deserves better and as a Tottenham fan I honestly and truly hope he wins wherever he goes to next. He is a magic and I won’t ever forget that.

Now almost as soon as the press release was sent, the rumors for the next manager began swirling. The name that was everywhere was Jose Mourinho. Now as I write this blog it almost looks like a done deal that Jose will be the next full time manager. This all seems quite quick and smells fishy and I have a theory on why…

Levy’s love for Jose is no secret. Arsenal is looking to sack their manager is no secret. Before today Jose was the gambling favorite to be the next manager at Arsenal. These are the facts I have and here is my theory based off these facts.

Levy knew if Arsenal hired Jose he would never be able to hire him down the line at Tottenham, the fans would just revolt. So what does Levy do…he fires the manager he is already butting heads with over a bunch of things, and gets the guy he always has had a hard on for.

Not to crazy is it?

Do I like this move? Hell No! Poch has been done dirty. This man did something the last five years that Jose could never do. However I believe this was the mindset with Levy and why Tottenham is fucked yet again.

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