Do We Need to do a Wellness Check on Yung God?

So if people don’t know Yung God loves him so footie. He’s favorite team is Arsenal, and a team he also roots for is the Belgrade Red Star, so today in football both teams played today. Arsenal had an easy matchup in Europa league while the Red Star played Arsenal biggest rival Tottenham in Belgrade.

This was after Tottenham thrashed Red Star in North London

You will never guess what happens next to Yung God’s team…they choked! Arsenal grabbed a lead late, but just couldn’t hold on to the lead as the Europa League counterpoint (Won’t use their name because I do not know the team) scored a goal in 91st min to tie the game.

Then a little later The Red Star has their MASSIVE game against Tottenham. And guess what happens….they got their doors blown off! In the two games the Red Star played against Tottenham, the Spurs won a combine 9-0. I know America isn’t a big soccer nation, but even Joe Smith, who all he knows how to spell is Eagles, because that is the chant of his beloved Philly Eagles, knows that’s an ass WHOOPING!

Long story short here I am worried for my buddy. He’s already a bengals fan so this may have done him in!

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