Top 20 Menswear essentials of 2020 📍

As a known taste god and fashion writer here, it is my duty to ditch your Sears outfits and put you on game. Being that it is only the early stages of 2020, yall have a full decade to transform your look. That being said here is my personal top 20 menswear essentials that I own and wear ALL OF THE TIME. PS the only one who can fuck with me in this dept is another writer on staff… da legend yungod himself.

1. The birkenstock boston in black leather

Black leather is a must, and these are perfect for walking to the bodega to cop a breakfast burrito.

2. Levis Made & Crafted 501 selvedge stonewash denim

We all need dad jeans period… selvedge is a must to know them jawnz wont fall apart when you rip them heavy farts after your breakfast burrito. Also stone wash is classic and looks great with ALL retro style shoes/laceups.

3. CDG Wallet SA3100 in black

When you are part of the big baller brand… your pockets stay fat. Therefore you gotta keep all that chicken contained in one place. This wallet from CDG is simple, elegant, functional, and a conversation starter all at the same time. Also Rei is da gawd, so theres that

4. Arc’teryx Beta SL hybrid rain jacket in electric green

Like snoop, we all need a plan for the drizzle. In my case, I come correct with this beautiful Gore-Tex jawn from Arc’teryx that keeps you hella dry and surprisingly warm without sacrificing breathability/flexibility. As for why I chose the loudest color in the lineup… because neon colors are undefeated in outerwear.

5. The North Face 1992 Retro Nuptse in black

For when its brick AF, you need down fill… all 700 of it, which is why I lamp in the Euro Exclusive 92 retro Nuptse in the blassic black. This joint will NEVER not be in style… fuck your fast fashion bubble jackets.

6. Bass Weejuns with the beef rolls in black and burgundy

THE BEST VALUE IN FASHION PERIOD… END OF STORY. Beef rolls are a must, don’t be a bitch, and cop black and bergundy to assure you are correct with all fits.

8. Uniqlo heat tech socks

Excellent price, excellent feel, hella colors, easy.

9. Kirkland white T shirts

The best white t shirt in the game is sitting right next to a 5 pound box of Tostitos pizza rolls. DUMBBB THICCC, DUMMMB CHEAP AS WELL. Perfect shape, with the right amount of structure in the neck. If you can find the hyperstrike black variant, cop them all as well.

10. Salomon S lab 6 in shorts

While the patagonia baggy is the lord and savior of all shorts, they require you to blow the brains out on em to work out… therefore just cop these beauties from Salomon to flaunt both in and out of your local gym. Also 6 inches is the sweet spot for inseams… but keep that on the down low.

11. Hoka One One recovery slide

Lets be honest, we aint rocking these for recovery. These are getting rocked because they are the comfiest slide in the game, and they are perfect for running errands.

12. APC New Standards (raw indigo only)

RAW DENIM ISNT DEAD! straight fits only, cuff them jawnz to show off that red line selvedge and your loafers.

13. Visvim Grizzly Folk Boot

Everyone needs a boot in their rotation, I just happen to have the undisputed champion. Quality is god level, Hiroki is the best in the game.

14. Loro Piana logo baseball cap in cream

Everyone needs a nice cap… minimal is key but if you need a graphic, a hat is the best place for logo placement without looking like an asshole. Cream is super classic and the classic 6 panel shape is unfuckwitable.

15. Mark Mcnairy New Amsterdam wholecut derby


16. Patagonia retro X in cream/navy

From streetstyle pics to keg stands at the frat house, fleece is HITTIN HARDER THAN FLOCKAVELLI these days. Pattagucci never misses and this is a must in everyones wardrobe… Don’t be a dick and thrift one that smells like dried up nut, just pay retail and get a crispy one from the store.

17. New Balance 993 grey made in USA

Support your American workers! Shout out NB for making the most comfortable sneakers in the game, while using that I can’t believe its not butter pigskin. Also if you got these at Kith go kill yourself.

18. Nike pro Combat briefs in black

Respect yourself and don’t wear regular boxers. Get yourself some jawnz that are moisture wicking. The small investment will go a long way by not making your nuts smell like sour milk. Also the black is essential to cover up any damage from a possible shart after eating too much cheese wiz. Trust me I know I guy.

19. Shaggy Dog by J Press

Menswear is BACK. Knits are key, and the more itchy the better. J Press uses 100% Brushed Shetland wool and these jawnz are fire in ANY color. If you are feeling spicy size wayyyy the fuck up and let your nuts hang on the world in front of you.

20. Rowing Blazers Rugby

We have come to the end of this list. No better way to send you bums to bed then with an authentic rugby by no other than Rowing Blazers. Any colorway is pure unadulterated heat, and if you get a bespoke jawn then you are BIGGGG GANG. Prep is back and is about to take the fucker over. Shout out Jack for being the chosen one.

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